Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I was Country when Country wasnt Cool.

This is one of my favorite photos! I do not know this little boy it was just a picture that I took at a rodeo, he was so cute in his little cowboy outfit I couldnt resist!

On this beautiful day with  my parents shed door open the sun was shining in on my old saddle just right!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bottle Lights

A couple of bottle lights I had made a few years back, as Christmas gifts for our friends. I really enjoyed making these gifts!

The plan...

These are a few pages from my parents scrapbook that I made a couple years ago for Christmas, it was my biggest scrapbook, 100 pages. It is filled with memories and my parents and I both treasure it dearly.

Hopefully I will figure out a good way to take some photos of my work! As these pictures do not seem to turn out very good. :(

How Great Thou Art

Autumn's beauty surrounds us
the leaves chlorophyll fades along with sun
crisp air clears our lungs

pumpkin spice candles lit throughout the evening
slow cooker meals and apple snacks
get the blanket, snuggle up.

wind whistles, leaves crunch
curtains blow, moon shines through
open windows all night long