Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gay Marriage

Once in a while around this time of year I will offer up my insights. Today's topic of choice has been brewing in my heart for a while.

I am the granddaughter of two hardworking farmers, democrats to the core. I am the daughter of a man who only voices his political opinions when he thinks someone is trying to, "take his guns." I am comfortable saying my dad doesn't mean to cause harm but he usually fails use the most politically correct terms. And my mother, well she is a social worker, her heart is all about helping the people and supporting the programs that help those in need. She will probably spend the rest of her life smacking my dad on the chest when he says things like, "There was a 'colored' person in front of me at the gas station today." I would like to think that I wasn't too jaded by my family's opinions or the small town that I grew up in, but I do know that it is a big part of who I am, and it has greatly influenced me today.

On a side note: It is not a new concept that people from small towns tend to be less progressive, and that is fine, I am a little old fashion myself, but that doesn't give anybody the excuse to be ill informed. I am brutally exhausted of people thinking that because they are from a small town or from the country that it gives them an excuse to be racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.

I tend to find myself on the conservative side, generally siding with the Republican Party, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that I am opposed to the Democratic Party. I'd like to think I base my views on situational terms. For most topics I am able to see both sides of the fence. However, I cannot see both sides of the fence regarding the issue of gay marriage. To limit someones freedom doesn't sit well with me.

 I really do not understand the reasons that people might oppose gay marriage. I googled it, and read peoples opinions and they were all mostly invalid and completely closed-minded.

Some people stated opposition because marriage is, by definition,  between a man and a woman - It isn't discrimination to say that two people of the same gender can't get married, it's fact. Okay, that's fine, but it is as simple as changing the definition.  My Grandma had a dictionary and as a child I remember seeing the word "Injun" and next to it was a picture of a Native American man. Definitions changes all the time.

This is my least favorite argument: God created a man and a woman to be partners. The separation of church and state makes all points involving God moot. However, as a Christian I will respond quickly, by saying that I know nothing about your God, but my God is an awesome, ever loving God, and he died for all our sins big and small. He does not waiver, and he has a plan for each and everyone of us. He does not call for the condemnation and judgment of our brothers! He commands us to love one another.  Others say that marriage is simply for procreation. Says who God? Refer to comment above. Have you seen some of the people who are procreating, and the repercussions of accidental procreating?!? We've got far bigger issues.

Some people think that by legalizing gay marriage it will popularize being gay. Hmm... I don't think that being gay is something that you control. People usually don't tend to chose the more difficult route in life, especially when that means they will be discriminated against. 

I also really dislike the argument that it isn't good for kids to grow up with gay parents. This is especially close to my heart because I love children, and because I have nannied for a same sex couple and it was a wonderful experience. A lot of kids grow up with one parent, some with none, it probably isn't the best, most balanced situation, but then again hardly any situation is most ideal. Kids are resilient, and adjust well with lots of LOVE.

All great things come with great struggle, this is not the first time a group of people have had their freedom limited, and it wont be the last. I have faith in democracy, and regardless of your political party association this is about American freedoms.  I am happy that the First Amendment protects me from being controlled and forced to live a life under others beliefs! Why would anybody want to deny and limit that same freedom to others?