Monday, April 28, 2014

Things for the heart...

Easter Treats

Honey Bunny Cakes!
I decorated these cupcakes with bright green frosting as grass, a few colorful eggs, and peeps!
They are so simple and fun to make!
 Little ones will love to help make this cute cakes!
I like to add fun flavors to the frosting and batter to give it a fun taste.
These were vanilla-lemonade.
Happy Easter to all!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Father and Son in Australia!

After a very difficult year for Brendan, I decided to give him the only thing he really wanted for his birthday, a trip home for him and his son to spend time with his family. While I myself had been having my own issues, I decided I needed a break and that I would join them for my first real vacation. And just like that we headed to Australia.
I knew that this would be a very special trip for all of us but I didn't know just how much it would help Brendan and Cameron grow as father and son. I am so proud of Brendan and the father he has become in the past few months. It was my pleasure to share this trip with them and capture some of their special moments. Enjoy!