Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Mice!

 These cute Christmas cookies were made by my Mother this year for a Christmas cookie exchange. It is a cherry dipped in chocolate with a striped Hershey kiss, and almond slices. She used a tooth pick dipped in chocolate for the eyes and nose of the mouse. They are super cute!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Sad Little Reindeer!

I had to post this picture of my little cutie! I wanted to take a picture for Grandparent cards that we make every month and thought it would be cute to have him wear this headband. I guess he did not find it to be as funny! He just looks so sad! Nevertheless it still makes for an adorable card! Little ones make the holidays so much fun and I feel very blessed to have this little one in my life!

Books for Brains

            This month I read Decision Points by George W. Bush.

                   I would recommend Decision Points not only for Republicans, but also for those who doubted and disagreed with President Bush. It is a walk down memory lane, to recall the devastation that took place on September 11th 2001. It also really set the tone for how the next eight years would play out for our President and our country. Nearly half of the chapters in this book were dedicated to what is now known as the "war on terror" both in Afghanistan and Iraq. I was eager to read about President Bush's involvement with other seemingly dangerous countries. I read about the Bush Doctrine which was formed after 9/11 which included four key points: 1: Make no distinction between the terrorists and nations that harbor them. 2.  Take the fight to the enemy overseas before they can attack us at home again. 3. Confront threats before they fully materialize. 4. Advance liberty and hope as an alternative to the enemy's ideology of repression and fear. The last point is also known as the "freedom agenda." With no doubt in my mind our Country did the right thing by attempting to follow this doctrine. We helped mediate and negotiate between some of the most dangerous countries in the the world such as Iran and North Korea, and helped to deal with such conflicts as that between the Israelis and Palestinians. Overall, I would say that as an American citizen during a war, I felt and continue to feel safe on American soil.  I  know that those who fight for our country are on the offensive as they protect U.S. Citizens from overseas.

                   Other major decisions that I found very interesting to read about were ethical issues such as stem cell research and our duty to help other countries as we fight to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.One issue that topped the Presidents list that went unfinished was the issue of Social Security reform which is expected to be bankrupt by the year 2037, despite the Presidents efforts, reform did not take place and the issue is still pressing. The book was also able to touch on several natural disasters such as Hurricanes Ike and Katrina, both which were very costly and caused more damage then any other disaster in history. Last, but not least the final chapter in Decision Points was about the current financial crisis. My favorite fact was that by the summer of 2008 President Bush had publicly called for Government sponsored enterprise reform 17 times! Not until the 18th time did congress pass a reform bill for stronger regulator for the GSEs. (Like Fannie and Freddie)
                All in all, I really enjoyed George W Bush's Decision Points. From his recollection of the "day of fire" to his work in Africa to prevent the spread of AIDS and provide treatment to more then 57 million people who had benifited from PEPFAR, I believe our President did an honorable duty to the American people. He was not only a man of strength and perseverance but he is a man of faith. In every single chapter of this book he referenced passages from the bible that gave him confidence in himself and God to lead our country with dignity and honor. And like President Bush, I too believe we owe our freedom to the men and women of the military, who serve our country proud.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Talented Mother

Every year at some point my Mom says she doesn't know how I can be so creative and artistic. Well, I figured I would bring it to her attention. She is so talented and I obviously get a lot of my creativity from her. This year she made her own decorative planters for the holiday season, and they are beautiful! She uses some store bought spruce tips but also greenery from around our house. She also uses some hydrangeas, and red berries from a tree in our yard. I just love how full the planters with natural decorations! Way to go Mom! You are fantastic!

Our Christmas Tree

We always go get our Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving, but this year I had to work, so we went the Saturday after. It was beautiful out. Of course, we went to Goldenmans and they had the usual horse and wagon rides, along with cider and a gift shop. We picked out the perfect tree and Josh cut it down without any problems! Our Christmas Tree outing was another success.

Winter Picture

A couple weeks ago I took these pictures of my brother-in-law, his beautiful girlfriend Alyssa, and their dog Harley. I think that they turned out wonderful and they even ended up using a photo for their Christmas Cards.

Little Angel Ornament

I made this beautiful little angel ornament this week and thought that I would share it with friends!
It's funny how ornaments with pictures of little ones will just melt hearts for years to come each time we open that box of decorations. They are truly a gift that lasts.

Stuff the Turkey

I made this Turkey last year with my preschool class, and this year I made it with my new little friend. It is a fun craft, and also a fun sensory item for Thanksgiving!
You can make it too...
You will need:
*1 Gallon Milk Jug
*Brown and Orange Tissue Paper ( I was all out so we just used Gold )
*Glue and or Tape
*1 bag of stuffing

Cut a hole in the top of the milk jug and cover the entire jug with brown paper. Next make the turkey legs, by bunching orange tissue paper in the shape of a drummie. Cover the drummie with brown paper and leave just a little orange coming out the top of the leg. Attach the legs to the milk carton with tape or glue. Next, let your little ones stuff the turkey with real stuffing!  It is a blast for the entire family!

Christmas Cookies

On the first weekend of every December my husband and I spend the entire Saturday baking our favorite Christmas Cookies. We have plenty of old favorites, and a couple new recipes to try out. It is one of most enjoyable times. I really just love spending the day close to my husband. He is so wonderful to help me out, and put so many hours into making these delicious treats. Most of the treats we will give away to our guests at our Annual Christmas Party which takes place on the second Saturday of December. This year however, there was a blizzard and our guests were unable to make it to the party. We are hoping to meet up with friends and family later in the week to give them a little bit of holiday cheer in a Christmas tin!