Sunday, April 29, 2012

Couples Shower

When a little pregnant mommy says she wants a couples shower, she gets a couples shower! This Saturday, my husband and myself, hosted a couples baby shower for our wonderful friends. All the  guys were good sports, and as I have learned, if there is beer and food they will come!

It was so nice that most of Todd's family and friends made the long trip from Wisconsin to help welcome the couple into parenthood. Below is some of Todd's family.

The cute couple!

 Below are the invitations that I made for both showers.

 The finished fingerprint guest book!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Claudia's Baby Shower

 This Saturday I hosted a baby shower for my friend, Mrs. Claudia Arts. She is having a sweet baby girl in a few months and I am very excited! Her nursery colors, pink and green, were the theme for the shower.
  My cake batter truffles were a huge hit with all the ladies, and I think a few people even left with doggy bags for their husbands.

 I was up until 1AM drilling holes in canning jars to make these cute pink lemonade jars for beverages. I was not making any friends with the neighbors I suppose.
 Claudia helped me make some fans so I could cover my large wedding picture to make a pretty center piece for above the kitchen table.

 I put together a Wishing Tree for the guests to write some words of wisdom to the new parents-to-be as they embark on their journey into parenthood.

 The girls all made fabric onsies for Anneka to wear upon her arrival. They turned out super cute!
 Momma and Me.

 Some salad in a jar, a fingerprint guest book, and a few of the girls working on the fabric onsies! It was such a wonderful day, and I am very thankful for everyone who came to support Todd, Claudia, and baby Anneka.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Never Grow Up.

Reason number 6578909867 that I hate being an adult... Health insurance. Since neither my husband or myself get health insurance through our employment we are on the open market for health insurance. We chose BCBS because we both previously had them as our providers growing up.

I am just going to throw some numbers out there to so that you can understand the magnitude of my frustration right now. We currently pay 1472.00 quarterly for the two of us to be insured. That is 5,888 that we pay from our pocket each year.

In the two years that we have had our insurance together we NEVER, NOT EVEN ONE DAMN TIME, have went to the doctor. So now we have paid 11,776 dollars for our insurance that we have NEVER, NOT EVEN ONE DAMN TIME even used.

Needless to say, Josh went to the doctor last month for his allergies, our first time using our insurance, and imagine this... his claim was denied from BCBS. He went to the allergy specialist, paid the copay, left there under the assumption that whatever the hell they were doing to him was covered by his health coverage. Turns out it was not. We owe the damn allergy specialist a grand. My husband (the badass) says, "F' em, "Let 'em sue me."

Since I am a little more calm I tried to call BC today, after speaking to a computer for 20 minutes I finally got a human man on the phone but he couldn't help me because even though I have all my husbands information and pay for the DAMN insurance, I am not him.

This is a terrible post, I know. But anyways, I am never going to the doctor ever again.