Sunday, November 25, 2012

Daddy's Little Dear

My brother Josh was able to come home for the last weekend of hunting this year, and since he is having a baby girl soon I decided to tie everything together with a baby shower themed, "Daddy's Little Dear!" 

We were thankful to find a ton of little girl Real Tree camo items for baby Penelope! She might be born in Texas, but she will be a Minnesota girl if we have anything to say about it!

Green and Pink party favors!
And our 'Daddy's little Fawn' cake.

My most favorite thing I got for my niece is her first doll!
This little baby is soo cute in her camo dress! I love it!
 I also made cake batter truffles, as these seem to be a hit at showers.


My husband and I made cupcakes and baby feet cookies for the shower. There was not a shortage of sweets that is for sure!

 The shower invitations I made at Tiny Prints. 

 Josh was so blessed to have so many special friends and family come and celebrate at the baby shower! We are so very thankful for all of the support him and Mayra have back here in MN!

Josh reading my Grandma Jane's special song that she remembered from the 1930's.

My brother did a great job without Mayra being here, he opened all the gifts and attempted to describe, and show his family in Texas everything he received via Skype. We really missed Mayra and Valeria, but at lease we were able to see them, and see Mayra's pregnant tummy!

Mayra and Valeria Skyping in Texas!

All of us Skyping in Minnesota, at the baby shower!

One of my favorite moments of the night was my brothers reactions to opening this gift from Ashley! He has no idea about baby items! He described this as a 'sleeping bag with arms'!