Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A New Hobby!!!

A couple weeks ago my husband bought me a jig saw so that I could begin making my own signage. I am absolutely loving it! It is so accomplishing drawing my outline on the wood, cutting it out, and painting it. I am looking forward to the many projects and gifts that I will be able to make with my new saw! Here is my first piece of artwork that I made for my parents strawberry patch! I am also making them some new signs for the garden... pictures coming soon!

 P.S. I also take requests :)

Jubilant Fourth of July

This Fourth of July was spent enjoying the outdoors with my wonderful family. We spent the majority of our time fishing on Knife Lake. While the fishing wasn't the best we managed to catch enough sunfish to have a fish fry and bring some fish home too. I was very much looking forward to spending the week with my handsome husband, as we have both been so busy at work we have found little time to spend together. Monday was the day for us. We were able to catch up on sleep, get some tasks done around the house, and relax. We are also very blessed to share that on Monday we received a phone call from my brother Josh with some very good news..... I am going to be an auntie!!!! Mayra is about five weeks along, and we couldn't be happier! I was beyond ecstatic to hear this news.... finally a baby to spoil!!!  It was a wonderful weekend spent with our family in beautiful Minnesota, topped off with some great news from Texas!

                                            Ginger Enjoying the Boat!
             My little baby!!

My Dad doing some fishing!
     A sideways view of the River!
                                 Everybody on the boat!
                                Ginger and Josh on the boat!