Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's the little things....

Every morning I wake up before my husband and look at him, he always looks so darn comfy. Our little baby girl Ginger, snuggles up in my spot when I get out of bed. I do not say goodbye when I leave... I dont want to wake my prince charming he needs his beauty rest. Occassionally, he wakes up and asks for a couple "scratchies" on his back before I go. I almost never have the time.

Everday we call eachother at work, just to catch up... I usually call first and ask Josh if he was still sleeping... he usually says he's awake, but I can tell his morning voice and most definatley he is still snuggled up with Gingy-boo. We call and chat, I offer him support after he deals with crappy tenants and moody homeowners. He offers me terrible adivce about childcare... most often it has to do with a closets and 6 hour time outs...he makes me laugh. We say good-bye, have a good day, and "loves."

When I get home from work I get a hug and almost always a back crack. We figure out whether we are going for a walk with the dog, playing tennis, or skipping everthing. Josh always makes supper. He is an extraordinary chef.  We eat supper and talk about our days, and usually Josh does the dishes. I go upstairs, take a bath, change clothes, and sometimes come downstairs to watch one of Josh's shows. He loves his shows. Other nights I go straight to bed. Either way Josh always lays by me for an hour, helps me unwind by talking about happy things, or figuring out our weekend plans. He tells me I need to go to sleep. I tell him I cant, because I know I already have to be up in 6 hours. He tells me not to "work myself into a tither." I ask him to tell me about our plans this fall, or what his favorite part of Christmas is. He tells me, and makes me smile, he tells me to dream about our decorating the tree. Josh hugs me, tells me goodnight... dont let the _(blank)_ bite (it always pertains to whatever we last spoke about).
I wanted to post this just because I love husband so much. I am almost postive that I have the best husband in the world. He is the most kind, generous, and nurturing man I know. He supports me always. We just celebrated our one year of marriage, but I had been the luckiest girl in the world for over 5 years before that. Somehow God, brought us together and by the grace of God we will be together until we depart. I just want my amazing husband to know that today, and everyday I appreciate everything he does for me, no matter how small it may seem.

Summer is Alive and Well

I have wished about a thousand wishes upon these weeds. They are filled with magic, hopes, and dreams of a youthful summer.
They are a simple reminder of sweaty days, starry nights, and sweet lemonade stands.
Today, they bring pain and misery upon my husbands allergies, sleepless nights of snoring and watery eyes. I long for the days of bike rides, baseball games, and coming inside only after the sun is down. I want to drink from the hose, run barefoot through the grass and catch fireflies tonight. If I were only six instead of twenty-six.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stop To Smell the Flowers!

Watermelon Summer

Today, the little guy and I did a summer discovery project with a Watermelon. We took the time to play with the whole watermelon, lift it, pound on it, and roll it. After the examining the outside we decided to cut it open!!! What a wonderful surprise! A sweet smelling delicious fruit! I love this photo!

Watermelon Summer