Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wedding Cake Gift

I started this wedding cake gift idea out of an idea I had seen on Pinterest but it ended up being quite different. This gift was made for one of my dear friends, Vanessa, for her bridal shower. I started out with a table linen set, including: a table runner, napkins, napkin ring holders, place mats, and serving dishes. The couple is having a fall wedding so I found some pretty autumn colored items to use at Pier One.

The base of the cakes sits on a platter and I used a large piece
of serving ware for the main layer of the cake.

 I folded the place mats length ways and wrapped them around for the base layer of the cake. I tied a ribbon around to hold them in place. If the linens do not not match up, you may have to experiment folding them different ways to get the desired look for your cake.

 Top the base with a smaller plate and serving dish to begin your next layer of the cake. I used a table runner folded several times to wrap around the bowl as my second layer.

For the top layer of the wedding cake I used a serving dish and a large mug
 filled with the napkins and napkin ring holders. You can be creative and top the cake with utensils, or other fun kitchen items.

My finished wedding cake gift was garnished with a flower
around the ribbon and a few personal embellishments for the couple.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

We had much to celebrate this Fourth of July, along with our love of country!
Our wonderful friends Todd and Claudia brought a beautiful healthy baby girl into this world and we had the chance to visit her on our holiday! After we left the hospital we found out that our hometown Wild scored some big names! My husband was beyond excited and all we can think about now is hockey season! After the big news, we did some shopping and then headed to our friends house to spend the afternoon with them and their adorable girls. We had such an enjoyable time, laughing, eating, and lighting off fireworks! Josh and I have so much to be thankful for this Fourth of July. All of which, we owe to God and those who have served and currently serve our country! Without them would not have the freedom and security to live and succeed in the amazing United States of America!

Poolside lounge.

Sprinkler Time!

Silly Girl!

Loving the water!

Fireworks :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Meet Anneka Arts!

Last night at 11:07 PM Ms. Anneka Arts was born! She weighed seven and a half pounds and was 21 inches long. She is perfectly healthy and the most beautiful little girl! Although, she really didn't want to come out of her mommy's tummy! Claudia started having labor pains Monday, was finally induced Tuesday and then late last night her doctors made the decision to give Claudia a C-section. Mom, Dad, baby, and Grandma are all very tired but hopefully today will be a day of sleep and recooping for everyone.

 Anneka's first toy at the hospital was a grumpy smirf from dad because she didnt want to come out!
 Proud Dad, Todd, holding his new baby girl, not even 12 hours old!
 Mommy and Daddy with baby girl.
 Mommy holding her baby girl.

Anneka with her Uncle Solie!

Welcome to the world baby Anneka!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beach Day with my Baby!

My most favorite two year old in the world is a total beach bum. He loves wasting his days away in the water, and he is already at age two a super swimmer. (THANK YOU FOSS SWIM SCHOOL!) This week we have been spending our hot summer days at the splash park and then in the lake water. I am just so in love with taking pictures of this little one! I thought I'd share a couple of my favorites!

         Picnic lunch on our towels makes for a perfect day :)