Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Love You Ronnie

This book was beautiful in every way! I Love You  Ronnie is a collection of letters from Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan. The letters themselves are nothing short of poetry. I was so surprised by the eloquence of the writing and the true love behind each and every letter.  While reading many of the letters I could identify with his exact feelings of lonely heartiness, desire, and unconditional love. After reading this book I felt as if I personally knew the President. Reagan's ability to write was truly a gift. I am so thankful that Nancy appreciated this gift enough to save the letters first of all and secondly to share them with the world in this book.

The art of hand written letters is now just a memory of the past, between email, texting, and instant messaging we have lost touch with the beauty and meaningfulness of the written word. This book inspired me to get out the pen and paper and let my thoughts and feelings for my husband be known on this very day . I happen to know that my husband is a "saver" and he has kept nearly every card and "love note" I have ever given to him. While they may not be as beautifully written as Ronald Reagan's letters I know they are treasures to Josh and hopefully someday our children will appreciate reading these testaments of love, just as I have enjoyed reading Ronald and Nancy's letters.

Some of my favorite excerpts from I Love You Ronnie:

"A man cant live without a heart and you are my heart, by far the nicest thing about me and so very necessary. There would be no life without you nor would I want any."

"Do you know that when you sleep you curl your fists up under your chin  and many mornings when it's barely dawn I lie facing you and looking at you until I finally have to touch you ever so lightly so you won't wake up- but touch you I must or I'll burst?"

"If I ache, its because we are apart and yet that can't be because you are inside and a part of me, so we really aren't apart at all."

"If I have any regret it is only for the days we've been apart and I've had to awaken without watching you."

"I just want to start each day by opening my eyes and seeing you and end each day seeing you before I close them. In between times, I'll just look in my heart. You are always there."

Little Bunny Foo-Foo

 Happy Easter! 
I took this photo of my little guy and made his family some Easter Cards to send to family and friends this spring! He is such an adorable little bunny! While it was a huge challenge to get him to look at me, hold still, and keep the glasses on, it was well worth it! The past few days have been so beautiful and the more time we spend outside the happier I find myself. Even though I hear there may be more snow in the future I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope this photo boosts your spring spirits as Easter is almost here!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This weekend I went home to celebrate my Dad's birthday and also to see some really cute animals! Here are some photos of all the little friends at the Van Donsel hobby farm!
 The new babies!


Crazy Roosters!

I dont know if this Cat has a name?

My Dad with Ruby, Belle, and Jumper!

Ginger and Max